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Bathroom remodeling services by Wise Builders in California
Bathroom Remodel services in California by Wise Builders

Bay Area Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

First step of working with Wise Builders is meeting and looking into the construction plans for your home remodel
Step 1: Let's Get Started
Initial Contact

During our first conversation, our team will ask you a handful of general questions regarding your bathroom remodeling project so that we can better understand your needs and desires. If it feels like we are a good fit for each other, we will assign an experienced project manager to visit your property for your free in-home consultation.

Free In-Home Consultation

The project manager will arrive on the agreed-upon day & time and examine the location of the bathroom you’re looking to remodel. Your project manager will be your main point of contact from this point on so that they can truly understand your vision, style, and design ideas for your project.

Scope of Work

If all goes well during the in-home appointment, your project manager will work with you and our office to break down the scope of the project. This phase will include an estimate of pricing for the project, the anticipated process, and the expected timeline for the completion of your bathroom remodel.

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Free in-home consultation

Allow us to show you what we can do for you with our no-obligation, free in-home consultation.

Step 2: Build Framework
Meet At Our Showroom

It is incredibly important to us that you’re able to touch and feel the material finishes available to you so that you can make a confident decision on the design of your bathroom remodel. Our showroom in San Jose will feature beautifully designed cabinetry, a variety of exquisite tiles, and many more materials to complete your project.

Finalize Gameplan

As you decide on your design and finishes, we will provide you with the final drawings, layout, design, and 3D renderings so that you can truly see how your bathroom remodel will look when we complete your project. Your project manager will walk you through all of the possible choices and outcomes you may have before finalizing your project.


At this point, the excitement has built up and we will both be incredibly eager to get started on your dream project! So upon review of all the finalized details, your project manager and our office will work with you to review and sign the contract so that we can finally begin your bathroom remodeling in the Bay Area!

Wise Builders showroom in san jose, california with cabinetry and door examples for your home remodel
Doors and cabinet shopping at the Wise Builders Showroom in San Jose for your complete home Remodel
Step 3: Pre-Construction
Obtain Permits

Our team will immediately begin obtaining permits and scheduling appointments with the necessary trade experts to guarantee your home is in the optimal state needed to begin the construction phase. Your project manager will handle this process from A to Z.

Time To Shop!

This is the fun part! Time to shop! You and your project manager will take the time to review all the remaining materials and fixtures needed for your bathroom remodel from our most trusted vendors. These selections will give that final touch to your beautifully designed new bathroom.


Consistent communication is crucial for a successful process and the peace-of-mind knowing that your project is moving along. Due to our expertise and the care that our project managers have for their projects, you can expect a smooth and transparent process to completion of your bathroom renovation.

Step 4: Construction Phases

The initial phase of the actual construction will consist of us demolishing the area and removing all of the unwanted materials. Cleaning out the space in a timely manner will ensure that we stay on track with our bathroom renovation project timeline and prepare us for the next phase.


Preparation is a key part of a truly smooth installation process, so it is incredibly important that we inspect the space after it’s been demolished and begin the process of drywall, plumbing, and other aspects needed to move on to the installation phase.


It’s finally here! The installation process is where your dream bathroom begins to take shape and finally come to life. Your project manager will ensure that each step is handled with care so that everything is installed in a clean and perfect manner.

Interior home remodel during the construction phase by Wise Builders
Finishing touches of the interior remodel before final inspection by Wise Builders
Step 5: Wrapping Up & Closeout
Review Final Touch-Ups

Once we complete the installation, your project manager will walk through the entire project with you and review the final punch list to ensure that everything was covered and handled properly. Any adjustments or minor tweaks will be handled in this phase of your bathroom remodel project.

Final Inspection

While it is hard to say goodbye, we know how excited you will be to finally enjoy your beautiful new bathroom. So this final walk-through with your project manager will be the final inspection needed to bring your bathroom renovation project to completion.

5-Star Review!

If your project manager made your dream bathroom remodel come true, then let’s give them the praise they deserve! You can find us on all review websites like Yelp and Google, and it truly warms our hearts to hear the good news directly from you!

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Ready to move forward?

Begin your home remodeling project with us today with our free in-home consultation.

Renovations are the best way to introduce improvements that will serve you for years. Remodeled bathrooms can add value to your home while making it better adapted to your needs.

A Bay Area bathroom renovation is a significant investment, both in terms of time and money. It is suggested to opt for the right contractor who can understand your needs well. We have the skills and experience to help you complete a renovation project at Wise Builders.

Choose us, the best bathroom remodeling contractors in the Bay Area, and give your bathroom a boost with some planning, and inspirational remodel ideas.


How to Plan a Bathroom Makeover In My Area?

Bathroom renovations either fill you with thoughts of gleaming white surfaces or half-assembled mess and at some point, both images are accurate. Planning for a renovation takes time, and expert advice is only available with us at Wise Builders.

There are plenty of considerations while planning a bathroom makeover, such as costs for bathroom remodeling services and bathroom home improvement designs.

We’re here to provide homeowners with as much guidance as possible for any ideas on bathroom remodeling in the Bay Area, CA. A bathroom renovation in Santa Clara, CA will receive the same care and attention as every city we serve.

Questions for Bathroom Remodel Contractor

At Wise Builders, we specialize in renovating homes across different communities in the Bay Area. We are highly rated in other cities, which is why we’re the number one bathroom remodeler in Los Gatos, California.

Prepare some questions before you schedule to meet with bathroom addition contractors. Homeowners like seeing samples of previous projects completed, and we have a gallery of projects completed for you to view and be inspired by.

How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

A complete bathroom remodeling might take around three to five weeks, but it can take longer depending on the project size. A larger bathroom might take longer than a small bathroom.

Our project manager will keep you informed on delays regardless of how long it takes to complete a project. Before starting a project, we also provide you with an estimated timeline of when the bathroom renovation will be completed.


Steps to Renovate Bathroom in the Bay Area

There are many ways to prepare for a bathroom remodel in the Bay Area. Securing the funds to finance a renovation is essential. Once you have a budget ready, we will work with you to prepare for a bathroom renovation.

Must Haves in New Bathroom Remodel

If you’re looking to spruce up your plan to remodel a bathroom, here are a few must-haves to help improve your bathroom’s appearance. A new showerhead will not only make bathing more accessible, but it might also help you save water!

A well-designed tile or marble flooring can automatically transform your bathroom. Quality towel racks and shelves help store bathroom items. A big mirror and proper lighting are helpful when you’re getting ready for work or an event. Some bathrooms may even include a large walk-in closet, which provides plenty of storage.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Does your bathroom look like it’s been frozen in time? Are you in the mood to give it a total refresh to bring it into the 21st century? There are a number of exciting design trends homeowners are following today to give their bathrooms a fresh, contemporary look. For example, you can redesign the space to include more natural materials such as wood and stone for a warmer, more inviting environment.

Geometric tiles bring additional visual interest to the space, especially when used as accents on shower walls. Allowing more natural light into the bathroom helps create a relaxing, spa-like feel that enhances comfort levels. When it comes to your fixtures, some of the most popular choices today include free-standing tubs and wall-mounted toilets.

No matter where your imagination takes you, Wise Builders can transform your ideas into reality. We’re committed to helping you create the most appealing and useful bathroom space for the enjoyment of you, your family and your guests.

How to Finance My Bathroom Renovation?

Some homeowners may have years worth of savings available for a bathroom remodel. Even if you set aside some of your income for a bathroom makeover, it may not be enough to finance an entire project.

In this scenario, plenty of different types of loans are available to help with your Bay Area bathroom renovation. Some people may be eligible for a personal loan or home equity loan. Banks have plenty of resources to help people secure home loans to fund a renovation project.


Bathroom Remodel Process for SF Bay Area

Before starting a Bay Area bathroom remodeling, we break down the project into phases to help you understand the different work performed in a renovation. Each building stage helps us track how the bathroom remodeling project moves along.

Bathroom Demolition

Whether it is just a cosmetic bath remodel or a full-on bathroom renovation, demolition is required. Demolition can get noisy and messy, but our team ensures to respect your space and clean up after each day of work.

Bathroom demolition might include removing the toilet, vanity sink cabinet, shower, and drywall. As the number one bathroom renovation contractors, we ensure to properly and safely dispose of any old material.

Bathroom Structural Build-Out

We have made it possible for homeowners to renovate their bathrooms without sacrificing functionality completely. Making homes more accessible is a trait we have perfected, which is why we’re the best new home builders in the California Bay Area.

This remodeling bathroom phase focuses on establishing the framework and floor plan. This is done according to specifications and is inspected before moving to the next step. As your bathroom remodel contractor, we work with the best subcontractors for carpentry.

Bathroom Plumbing

When you work with Wise Builders, you’re collaborating with the top construction company in the area. Since plumbing is the most crucial step in bathroom home improvement, you cannot take it for granted. We will assist you in choosing the right type of pipe and other amenities based on your specific bathroom layout and needs.


Complete Bathroom Remodeling Services

You do not have to search far for the best bathroom remodeling contractors in the Bay Area. Wise Builders is ready to help you throughout the bathroom remodeling process, no matter where your home is. Connect with us to start a bathroom renovation in Campbell if you reside in that city.

Our remodeling specialists can help you with a bathroom remodel in the Bay Area, CA, from designing a new bathroom to installing the fixtures and flooring. Keep reading to see how we finish out a bathroom remodel.

Electrical Work For Bathrooms

Being a general contractor, we ensure that the electrical work for your bathroom is done correctly. At Wise Builders, we have more than two decades of experience in the industry and work with the best experts in handling all kinds of electrical work.

Our reputation for quality work is known throughout the Bay Area. Plenty of homeowners choose us at their bathroom remodeling company in Mountain View.

Painting Bathroom Walls

It is the most crucial step in a bathroom renovation. A fresh new coat of paint will make your bathroom look great, and it can add a pop to a bathroom’s appearance. You can find several different paint colors that will perfectly match your décor.

Installing Bath Tiles and Appliances

Searching for the best bathroom contractors to install bath tiles and appliances? Contact us today, and our team of experts will finish these fixtures in no time. We have a beautiful showroom available where you can see and touch tile samples to determine which ones you want for your bathroom.

Bathroom Completion and Inspection

It is the sole duty of bathroom remodeling companies to carry out the complete inspection once the Bay Area bathroom remodel project finishes. At Wise Builders, we always take care of the bathroom completion and check everything to avoid further hassle.


How Much Value Does a Bathroom Remodel Add in My Area?

Bay Area bathroom remodeling doesn’t only improve a home’s appearance; it may increase its value as well. Every home remodeler knows that renovating a bathroom is one of the most common ways to increase a home’s value.

Besides bathroom remodeling, building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is another way of boosting your home’s value. As the number one ADU contractor in the SF Bay Area, we can create an ADU on your property once we finish remodeling your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel ROI

Homeowners active in the housing market always seek to make a return on investment (ROI). Besides kitchen remodeling, a bathroom renovation project can help you recoup some of its costs when it comes time to sell your home.

San Jose, CA, is an area where homes are sold all the time. A bathroom remodel in San Jose may also significantly boost your home’s resale value.

Does Bathroom Remodeling Increase My Property Tax?

The type of work performed on a bathroom remodel may determine if it increases your property tax. Cosmetic changes such as replacing a bathtub may not affect the tax on your property.

If you plan to add square footage, it is highly likely to increase your property tax.

That applies to any city in the Bay Area. If you seek bathroom remodels in Cupertino, California, for example, keep in mind whether or not you want to add square footage to your bathroom.

Hiring Local Bathroom Remodelers

There are plenty of experienced and professional local contractors to choose from, but Wise Builders is the wisest choice! We have plenty of honest customer reviews with pictures of the beautiful projects we have completed.

We have been serving different cities in the Bay Area for many years. As the top-rated bathroom contractors in Saratoga, we’re ready to give you a detailed quote for the project, including costs associated with the project, such as demolition and materials procurement.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

The costs for a bathroom remodel vary on different factors. A bathroom’s size is one of the determining factors in calculating the costs, and a master bathroom will require a bigger budget than a small bathroom.

Materials and appliances also play a role in costs. Meet with one of your project managers to get a free estimate on bathroom remodels. We can meet you in any of the surrounding areas. We have successfully completed bathroom remodeling in Sunnyvale, CA, and have plenty of homeowners recommending our services to their friends.

Experience the Wise Builders Difference

There’s no better choice for a bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Altos and the surrounding area than Wise Builders. That’s because we have the experience and expertise needed to help ensure you’re completely satisfied with your project. You can be sure that we’ll get the job done with the highest levels of professionalism and quality.

There are plenty of experienced and professional local contractors to choose from, but Wise Builders is the wisest choice! We have plenty of honest customer reviews with pictures of the beautiful projects we have completed.

We have been serving different cities in the Bay Area for many years. As the top-rated bathroom contractors in Saratoga, we’re ready to give you a detailed quote for the project, including costs associated with the project, such as demolition and materials procurement. To learn more about what we can do for you, get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Remodeling


Do You Need Permits To Remodel a Bathroom?

Yes, permits are required for most bathroom renovation projects regardless of location. Also, depending on the level of work, the timing it takes to acquire the permits can differ from project to project.

Is a Bathroom Remodel Tax Deductible?

Yes, bathroom remodeling is tax deductive if the home is sold. Some local governments may offer further incentives for certain expenditures related to different remodeling projects.

How to Check if a Bathroom Remodel Contractor is Licensed and Insured?

Once you obtain a home builder’s license number, you can enter the number on the Contractors State License Board’s website. The website will confirm if a general contractor is licensed and insured.

Do I Need to Have Bathroom Design Ideas in Mind Before I Contact Wise Builders?

Our team is ready to assist you with any bathroom design inquiries you may have. Whether you have design ideas in mind or not, our designers will provide you with suggestions based on your available budget.

What Regions Does Wise Builders Serve For Bathroom Remodeling?

We serve multiple cities in Santa Clara County and the surrounding area. Contact us with your bathroom remodel ideas to see if we can meet you in person to discuss your plans.

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