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First step of working with Wise Builders is meeting and looking into the construction plans for your home remodel
Step 1: Let's Get Started
Initial Contact

During our first conversation, our team will ask you a handful of general questions regarding your new home construction project so that we can better understand your needs and desires. If it feels like we are a good fit for each other, we will assign an experienced project manager to visit your property for your free in-home consultation.

Free In-Home Consultation

The project manager will arrive on the agreed-upon day & time and examine the entirety of your property. Your project manager will be your main point of contact from this point on so that they can truly understand your vision, style, and design concepts for your new construction project.

Scope of Work

If all goes well during the in-home appointment, your project manager will work with you and our office to break down the scope of your entire new construction home. This phase will include an estimate of pricing for the project, the anticipated process, and the expected timeline for the completion of your new home build project.

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Wise Builders truck with brand logo and company information
Free in-home consultation

Allow us to show you what we can do for you with our no-obligation, free in-home consultation.

Step 2: Build Framework
Meet At Our Showroom

It is incredibly important to us that you’re able to touch and feel the material finishes available to you so that you can make a confident decision on the interior finishes of your new construction home. Our showroom in San Jose will feature beautifully designed cabinetry, a variety of exquisite tiles, and many more materials to help you finalize your project.

Finalize Gameplan

As you decide on your finishes, we will provide you with the final drawings, layout, design, and 3D renderings so that you can truly see how the exterior and interior of your new custom home build will look when we complete your project. Your project manager will walk you through all of the possible choices and outcomes you may have before finalizing your project.


At this point, the excitement has built up and we will both be incredibly eager to get started on your dream project! So upon review of all the finalized details, your project manager and our office will work with you to review and sign the contract so that we can finally begin your new house construction project!

Wise Builders showroom in san jose, california with cabinetry and door examples for your home remodel
Doors and cabinet shopping at the Wise Builders Showroom in San Jose for your complete home Remodel
Step 3: Pre-Construction
Obtain Permits

Our team will immediately begin obtaining permits and scheduling appointments with the necessary trade experts to guarantee your home is in the optimal state needed to begin the construction phase. Your project manager will handle this process from A to Z since we are a full-service construction company!

Time To Shop!

This is the fun part! Time to shop! You and your project manager will take the time to review all the remaining materials and finishes needed for your new construction home from our most trusted vendors. These selections will give that final touch to your beautifully designed custom new home.


Consistent communication is crucial for a successful process and the peace-of-mind knowing that your project is moving along. Due to our expertise and the care that our project managers have for their projects, you can expect a smooth and transparent process to the completion of your brand new home build project.

Step 4: Construction Phases

The initial phase of the actual construction will consist of us demolishing the property and removing all of the older materials so that we can work on a blank canvas! Cleaning out the space in a timely manner will ensure that we stay on track with our project timeline and prepare us for the next phase of framing your new construction home.

Framing & Preparation

Preparation is a key part of a truly smooth building process, so it is incredibly important that we inspect the space after it’s been demolished and begin the process of framing, drywall, plumbing, and other aspects needed to move on to the installation phase of your new custom home building project.

Installation & Finishes

It’s finally here! The installation process is where your dream home build begins to take shape and finally come to life. Your project manager will ensure that each step is handled with care so that everything is installed in a clean and perfect manner. 

Interior home remodel during the construction phase by Wise Builders
Finishing touches of the interior remodel before final inspection by Wise Builders
Step 5: Wrapping Up & Closeout
Review Final Touch-Ups

Once we complete the installation and finishes phase, your project manager will walk through the entire project with you and review the final punch list to ensure that everything was built and finished properly. Any adjustments or minor tweaks will be handled in this final phase of your custom home-building project.

Final Inspection

While it is hard to say goodbye, we know how excited you will be to finally enjoy your newly built home! So this final walk-through with your project manager will be the final inspection needed to bring your new construction home to completion.

5-Star Review!

If your project manager made your dream custom home build come true, then let’s give them the praise they deserve! You can find us on all review websites like Yelp and Google, and it truly warms our hearts to hear the good news directly from you!

Wise Builders logo and branded hard hat, which is the construction hat
Ready to move forward?

Begin your home remodeling project with us today with our free in-home consultation.

Soon-to-be homeowners love watching the jigsaw of house building come together. But that’s possible only if you hire a company that knows how to do the perfect job for new construction homes San Jose. Well, if you’re reading this, that means you’re looking at one of the best companies in the field, Wise Builders.

There are a lot of technical steps and strategic decisions that custom home builders San Jose take during a house’s construction. Therefore, you need to find a new home-building service that helps you prepare! Assisting clients in understanding the A-Z process is an art in which we’re experts.

Customization is a critical element of the new home construction San Jose process, and one client’s needs may vary from another client’s dreams. Hence, hiring a service like Wise Builders that is well-versed in customization and adaptability makes sense.

How to Start Building a New Home in San Jose?

The first step is usually purchasing an ideal plot of land for your new home. Whether you want to live in a town with large yards or be settled in a growing area, the choice is entirely yours, and it is important to communicate that with Wise Builders as your local contractor. We are familiar with the surrounding areas thanks to our experience as one of the highly-rated custom build homes in the Bay Area.

What kind of custom home building you want is the next step. Your options are speculative, tract, and custom homes. Speculative homes are homes that builders build with no customized features in their minds.

On the other hand, tract homes are made with a particular community in mind. Finally, custom homes are the most popular choice; they are built according to a specific client’s desires. Custom home builders San Jose can take care of your needs quickly.

How Much Do Custom Homes Cost to Build?

The final cost of building a new home depends upon several factors, including labor, home size, price of materials, location, and the overall efficiency of the building process. One of our consultants experienced in custom build homes projects will give you an estimate when you reach out to us.

Once a price is agreed on, we can suggest which materials and designs fit your budget best. After going over more details regarding the scope and size of the project, one of our project managers will give you a more exact cost.

No matter how big or small a project can be, we respect and maintain your budget while trying to save you costs where we can. Our prices are reasonable across all our services, such as building a room addition in San Jose.

How Long Does a New Construction Home Take?

The exact time frame for building a new home depends upon several factors, the most important of which is customization. How detailed and specific the final new house construction plans are a significant part of the construction schedule.

Wise Builders is a transparent custom home builder. We will communicate with you immediately if we see any delays in the project. Sometimes the weather may not be favorable and cause rain, making it hard for us to complete the work. Any minor delays are addressed and resolved effectively.

Steps for New Home Construction in the San Jose Area

All the best new construction homes companies use phases to organize and complete their projects, and Wise Builders is no different. Here’s a small overview of everything we do to build the new home of your dreams.

  • Preparation of construction site
  • Rough framing
  • Rough plumbing
  • Electrical and HVAC
  • Insulation installation
  • Drywall completion and interior fixtures
  • Exterior driveway installation
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Mirror installation
  • Inspection

How to Finance Building a New Home?

Bank loans are the easiest ways to fuel your dream of building new homes with the required funds. Most people save up a percentage of their income to create a budget, but loans help families reach their goal of having the funds to build a brand new house.

Some prerequisites are usually required to qualify for a loan. Good credit is one of the most significant factors in determining if you can receive a mortgage loan from a credit institution. Loans help fund a new house and even other renovation projects on your current home, such as a kitchen remodel in San Jose, California.

Not all new homes builders can provide loan information. At Wise Builders, our project managers can point you in the right direction if you inquire about financing assistance.

Is it Worth Buying a New Construction Home?

Building new homes is not easy. But while they might not be apparent at first, purchasing a new construction home is worth the investment. You can also create an energy-efficient home, which in the state of California could lead to possible tax credits.

The costs and values of homes are constantly in flux. A newly constructed home could be seen as an investment if its value increases.

How to Build a Custom Build Home?

From fashioning your dream to selecting a builder (that’s us again), from finding the perfect location to perfecting your design, there are several milestones that you need to achieve in this journey of new construction homes San Jose.

With Wise Builders, our project managers will ensure to include every phase of the new construction process in the project schedule. We send weekly and can provide daily updates on the construction phases.

What Adds Value to New Construction Houses in San Jose, CA?

Multiple upgrades can affect your new construction home in San Jose’s appraised value. The areas that you can target or countertops, cabinetry, and flooring. The benefit of targeting these areas is that a significant factor increases the overall elegance of the workspace.

Similarly, upgrading countertops, deep bathtubs, and walking showers is an excellent service we provide since we’re also a bathroom remodeling company in San Jose, CA. Some other options that can be considered from a value-addition perspective are flooring, energy-efficient options, smart home features, and outdoor space upgrade in San Jose new construction homes.

Must Haves for Custom Home Building

Our online project portfolio contains images of new construction homes in San Jose that can serve as an inspiration for you. We are familiar with including the trendiest must-haves in custom home buildings, such as moving glass wall systems, outdoor kitchens, custom built-in shelves, central vacuum systems, and heated floors.

As the top custom home builders San Jose, we are open to hearing your design ideas and will gladly provide you with interior design suggestions. We’re a design-build and construction company, so we’re very familiar with designing all sorts of interior and exterior house styles.

Do New Construction Homes Need Appraisal?

An appraisal will most likely be required if you are applying for a loan from a mortgage lender for new home construction. Some different regulations and qualifications must be approved before San Jose new construction homes can be built.

How to Find a New Home Builder Near San Jose?

One must do proper research regarding hiring custom home builders in San Jose, CA. Professionalism, courtesy, and adherence to deadlines are equally important aspects. Finding new construction home companies in current times is as easy as finding a bag of your favorite potato chips.

Offline and online, there are multiple custom home builders in San Jose, CA. The name Wise Builders is not only synonymous with new house construction but also with building ADU homes in San Jose, California.

What to Look for in a New Home Builder?

When searching for new home builders, excellent construction services, years of experience, courteous and understanding approach, professionalism and reputation are some boxes you must tick when searching. New house construction is serious business, and we value your financial and emotional investment at Wise Builders.

We’re confident in our abilities to complete a new home project to your satisfaction, which can be reflected in the reviews from our previous clients. Our video testimonials highlight our amazing work backed by honest feedback from homeowners.

Custom Home Builder Near Me

You might have searched all over the Bay Area looking for the best custom home contractor when the number one choice was near you all along. Wise Builders is located in San Jose, and we’re familiar with all the surrounding cities and counties.

Our showroom is also located in San Jose and is available for you to schedule a consultation with one of our project managers. Our showroom has materials we used in our projects that you can touch and feel! Contact us and inquire about all of our available services, such as full home remodeling in San Jose.

Fun Facts About San Jose, California

Let’s take a break from discussing building custom homes and talk about San Jose for a bit. Not many people know so many cool facts about San Jose, California.

For example, did you know San Jose lies at least 25 meters above sea level? Before the Spanish arrived in San Jose, it was inhabited by the Tamien Nation of Ohlone peoples of California. Post-World War Two, the area started experiencing a period of great economic activity.

The population grew exponentially, and so did the area’s technology and electronics industries. Today, San Jose can rightly be called the economic, cultural, and political center of Silicon Valley. If your goal is to build a custom home in San Jose, we can’t applaud your decision more!

Places to Visit in San Jose

Downtown San Jose’s nightlife is a popular hotspot for locals and tourists. The Winchester Mystery House, The San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, or The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose are all fantastic sights and attractions. The place is the epitome of the phrase global city; your decision of new home construction San Jose is on merit. Local contractors and local construction companies will tell you the same!

New Homes Construction San Jose Frequently Asked Questions


Do New Construction Homes in San Jose Come with Appliances?

Yes, new construction homes San Jose projects can also include appliances, depending on your budget. We can help you choose which devices suit your new house the best.

Are Permits Required for New Home Construction in San Jose?

The California Building Standards Code necessitates a building permit for new home construction San Jose. Before we start any construction, Wise Builders ensures to take care of any permits and zoning regulations for you!

Is Home Inspection Required for New Construction in San Jose, CA?

It is always better to have an official nod of approval on the new construction. Your home construction company might be excellent, but a proper inspection is good too, and we include that in each of our projects.

Are You Licensed and Insured for a New Home Building in the City of San Jose?

Yes, we check both of these boxes. General contractors in this business are typically covered on both of these, and you can view our credentials online through our website or with the Contractors State Licensing Board.

What Happens if There Are Any New Home Construction Delays in San Jose?

Minor delays are not uncommon during different construction projects. At Wise Builders, we communicate with you immediately if we expect any delays and also work quickly yet efficiently to promptly address any concerns.

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