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Kitchen remodeling services with cabinetry and countertops by Wise Builders
Remodels of kitchen examples with cabinetry and countertops by Wise Builders

Bay Area Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

First step of working with Wise Builders is meeting and looking into the construction plans for your home remodel
Step 1: Let's Get Started
Initial Contact

During our first conversation, our team will ask you a handful of general questions regarding your kitchen remodeling in the Bay Area so that we can better understand your needs and desires. If it feels like we are a good fit for each other, we will assign an experienced project manager to visit your property for your free in-home consultation.

Free In-Home Consultation

The project manager will arrive on the agreed-upon day & time and examine the location of the kitchen you’re looking to remodel. Your project manager will be your main point of contact from this point on so that they can truly understand your vision, style, and design ideas for your project.

Scope of Work

If all goes well during the in-home appointment, your project manager will work with you and our office to break down the scope of the project. This phase will include an estimate of pricing for the project, the anticipated process, and the expected timeline for the completion of your kitchen remodel.

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Free in-home consultation

Allow us to show you what we can do for you with our no-obligation, free in-home consultation.

Step 2: Build Framework
Meet At Our Showroom

It is incredibly important to us that you’re able to touch and feel the material finishes available to you so that you can make a confident decision on the design of your kitchen remodel. Our showroom in San Jose will feature beautifully designed cabinetry, a variety of exquisite tiles, and many more materials to complete your project.

Finalize Gameplan

As you decide on your design and finishes, we will provide you with the final drawings, layout, design, and 3D renderings so that you can truly see how your kitchen remodel will look when we complete your project. Your project manager will walk you through all of the possible choices and outcomes you may have before finalizing your project.


At this point, the excitement has built up and we will both be incredibly eager to get started on your dream project! So upon review of all the finalized details, your project manager and our office will work with you to review and sign the contract so that we can finally begin your kitchen remodeling in the Bay Area!

Wise Builders showroom in san jose, california with cabinetry and door examples for your home remodel
Doors and cabinet shopping at the Wise Builders Showroom in San Jose for your complete home Remodel
Step 3: Pre-Construction
Obtain Permits

Our team will immediately begin obtaining permits and scheduling appointments with the necessary trade experts to guarantee your home is in the optimal state needed to begin the construction phase. Your project manager will handle this process from A to Z.

Time To Shop!

This is the fun part! Time to shop! You and your project manager will take the time to review all the remaining materials and fixtures needed for your kitchen remodel from our most trusted vendors. These selections will give that final touch to your beautifully designed new kitchen.


Consistent communication is crucial for a successful process and the peace-of-mind knowing that your project is moving along. Due to our expertise and the care that our project managers have for their projects, you can expect a smooth and transparent process to completion of your kitchen renovation.

Step 4: Construction Phases

The initial phase of the actual construction will consist of us demolishing the area and removing all of the unwanted materials and appliances. Cleaning out the space in a timely manner will ensure that we stay on track with our kitchen project timeline and prepare us for the next phase.


Preparation is a key part of a truly smooth installation process, so it is incredibly important that we inspect the space after it’s been demolished and begin the process of drywall, plumbing, and other aspects needed to move on to the installation phase.


It’s finally here! The installation process is where your dream kitchen begins to take shape and finally come to life. Your project manager will ensure that each step is handled with care so that everything is installed in a clean and perfect manner.

Interior home remodel during the construction phase by Wise Builders
Finishing touches of the interior remodel before final inspection by Wise Builders
Step 5: Wrapping Up & Closeout
Review Final Touch-Ups

Once we complete the installation, your project manager will walk through the entire project with you and review the final punch list to ensure that everything was covered and handled properly. Any adjustments or minor tweaks will be handled in this phase of your kitchen remodel project.

Final Inspection

While it is hard to say goodbye, we know how excited you will be to finally enjoy your beautiful new and more functional kitchen. So this final walk-through with your project manager will be the final inspection needed to bring your kitchen renovation project to completion.

5-Star Review!

If your project manager made your dream kitchen remodel come true, then let’s give them the praise they deserve! You can find us on all review websites like Yelp and Google, and it truly warms our hearts to hear the good news directly from you!

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Ready to move forward?

Begin your home remodeling project with us today with our free in-home consultation.

Everyone deserves a dream kitchen where delicious meals are shared and new memories are made with family and friends. Homeowners should consider a Bay Area kitchen remodel project because the kitchen is the heart of every home.

Remodeling the kitchen requires proper planning and professional help, and you need to work with the most trusted kitchen remodeling contractors in the Bay Area.

We, the professionals at Wise Builders, can certainly help. Here is everything required to know about full kitchen remodeling.


How to Plan A Kitchen Remodel in My Area?

A remodel of the kitchen will add value to your home! And here, we will go over how to plan a kitchen remodel in the Bay Area. Feeling a little nervous before committing to a home project is okay, and luckily, our project managers have helped thousands of families through their remodeling journey!

Questions for Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Every person seeking to speak with a kitchen contractor can have an endless list of questions. At Wise Builders, we’re prepared to answer your questions to the best of our ability.

People usually ask if a kitchen remodel company is insured. It is highly recommended to work with insured kitchen renovation contractors to protect yourself from any liabilities.

We are fully insured, so you can feel at ease while we are providing you with kitchen remodeling service. Homeowners usually also ask about documents related to their renovation projects.

Before we gather our tools and begin work on remodeling kitchen, we will provide you with a project overview documentation. As a transparent and trusted construction company, we are happy to provide you with a copy of the project overview. The paperwork helps you stay in the loop with your kitchen home improvement project.

Some might also have questions about the subcontractors assigned to work on your project. As one of the most trusted home remodelers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we will provide information about the different teams we work with.

Having questions is normal, and at Wise Builders, we are ready to answer any questions other home builders might not be able to answer for you.

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

The time required for a kitchen makeover depends on the project’s scope and the kitchen renovation design. On average, a complete kitchen remodel may take approximately four to six weeks.

Some projects may require extra time depending on different factors. We always strive to complete a kitchen home improvement within the projected timeline. If you reside in Los Gatos, choose us for kitchen remodeling. As the best kitchen remodeler in Los Gatos, we work efficiently!

At Wise Builders, we believe in maintaining open communication with our clients. We will contact and work with you immediately if there are delays in completing a kitchen remodel in Bay Area.


Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen in the Bay Area

Remodeling your kitchen isn’t as difficult as most people will have you believe, and we will assist you through each phase of your kitchen project. Working with kitchen remodel companies shouldn’t cause you to stress, so work with Wise Builders.

Must-Haves in New Kitchen Remodel

Since you’re finally remodeling your kitchen, these are a few things that you can’t miss. You might have preferences for specific colors or kitchen appliances.

A personalized functional coffee station can make your kitchen stand out if you are a coffee enthusiast. If you like having a cup of coffee before you start your day, let us know, and we can see how we can implement that into your kitchen design.

As an expert home remodeler, we can build cabinets that make your kitchen more accessible. We can create spaces in your kitchen that blend your fridge into a cabinet, giving your kitchen a more streamlined look.

Not putting your trash away is the fastest way to stink up your kitchen. It’s better to ask the professional kitchen remodelers at our company to add a hidden trash compartment just for you!

Modern Kitchen Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration to guide your journey to a refreshed, modern-looking kitchen, there are more than a few ideas that are increasingly popular with homeowners today. One of these is open shelving, which replaces cupboards and cabinets with free-floating shelves that let you show off your dishes and open up more space.

Natural materials, such as stone and wood, bring a touch of warmth and add texture to your kitchen, as well. If you don’t have the budget to replace your countertops or flooring, a simple backsplash of marble or stone tiles still can make a difference. On the other end of the spectrum, advanced technology in the form of smart appliances is another popular choice these days. Internet-connected and voice-controlled appliances can bring convenience and added functionality to your daily routines.

Finally, mixing and matching colors to create two-tone cabinets lends some variety and visual interest to the room. We can help you achieve the exact look you want no matter what you choose, so let your imagination run wild.

How to Finance My Kitchen Remodel?

Budgeting is essential before starting a Bay Area kitchen remodel project. Before committing to major home renovation work, you need to ensure you have the funds secured to finance a kitchen renovation.

There are multiple ways to secure the necessary funds. Here are a few options people have sought to finance a kitchen remodel Bay Area!

  • Personal Loan: A personal loan is the most efficient way to finance your kitchen remodel Bay Area. With a good credit history, a lender may provide you with enough funds to complete a kitchen remodel.
  • Home Equity Loans: These loans are a standard method of financing for homeowners seeking to renovate their houses.
  • Federal Programs: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has plenty of resources for home repairs in California. It is available for people looking to learn more about financing a kitchen remodel Bay Area.

Kitchen Remodel Process for SF Bay Area

At Wise Builders, we have a process for remodeling kitchens. Each project might be unique, but our procedures help us ensure our work is done efficiently and on time.

Kitchen Demolition

Demolition is one of the first things we do as a kitchen remodeling contractor. This building phase involves knocking down old cabinets and walls to make room for new designs.

Kitchen Structural Build-Out

This phase involves important tasks such as building out the framework. This kind of work requires carpentry skills which our team excels in. Our remodeling services are highly regarded all over the Bay Area, and our craftsmanship is why we’re number for a kitchen remodel in San Jose.

Kitchen Rough-In

The kitchen rough-in phase is an essential part of the renovation and is also a process done in new home building.

In this phase of work, our professionals will reroute plumbing pipes, build out heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and do electrical wiring work.


Complete Kitchen Remodeling Services

Certain companies can offer complete kitchen remodel services near you. However, Wise Builders is the top choice for homeowners who want quality work done in their homes. Here’s what you can expect from the best kitchen remodeler as we complete the renovation project.

Walls, Ceilings, and Flooring Installation

After all the mechanical work is completed and inspected, our team will start installing drywall, painting, and ceiling. This phase will give you an idea of what the complete kitchen remodel will look like.

In Bay Area kitchen remodeling, a general contractor prefers to do kitchen flooring in the end to avoid any damage. The costs for flooring will depend on the type of materials you choose.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

When kitchen remodeling comes to the final stage, it’s time to install kitchen countertops and cabinets. If you choose us as your kitchen remodel contractor, you will have access to our exclusive showroom, where you can see different materials available for countertops.

No matter where you are in the Bay Area, Wise Builders is ready to assist with a kitchen renovation in any part of the surrounding communities. We’re the top kitchen contractors in Campbell, California.

Installing Appliances

Once we are done with a Bay Area kitchen remodel, we can install your appliances. We help you pick the best appliances based on your available budget.

We don’t just build; we also recommend and help you find the best refrigerator, microwave, and other necessary appliances.

For locations in the South Bay area, our kitchen remodeling services in Mountain View are available for anyone seeking to revamp their kitchen in that community.

Kitchen Completion and Inspection

After the kitchen remodeling is complete, we inspect the kitchen properly and ensure the entire area is clean and ready for presentation. 

As the best kitchen contractors in Los Altos, CA, homeowners have left us raving reviews online for our previous projects for kitchen remodeling.


How Much Value Does a Kitchen Remodel Add in My Area?

If you are interested in increasing your home’s value, a kitchen renovation might help. As the best kitchen remodeling contractors in the Bay Area, we help improve your kitchen’s look.

Kitchen Remodel ROI

Homeowners in the housing market might be familiar with return on investment (ROI). If you are planning on selling your home and want to give it a couple of renovations, you may be able to regain some of the costs when the house is sold.

An ROI is not just limited to a kitchen remodel; a bathroom remodel Bay Area project is a good way of regaining some of the costs during the sale of a home.

Some communities in the Bay Area might have a rising housing market. Consider a kitchen remodel in Sunnyvale, CA, if you live in that area.

Does Kitchen Remodeling Increase My Property Tax?

Cosmetic changes to your kitchen may not affect your property tax, but any kitchen remodel that increases your square footage can potentially increase it.

Room additions in the Bay Area are an example of how some renovations could significantly increase your home’s value.

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

The cost of kitchen remodel depends on different factors such as materials used, length of the project, kitchen size, and other variables. We offer free estimates on our services to help you better understand kitchen remodeling costs.

We will meet with you to discuss project goals. Our willingness to work with you makes us one of the most sought-after kitchen remodel contractors in Saratoga.

Make the Wise Choice and Experience the Difference

Hiring quality kitchen remodelers at Wise Builders is the first step to getting your dream kitchen. You can contact or message us with information about what kind of project you’re looking for in your home. We have a showroom available for further inspiration for your kitchen remodel!

We’re the best when it comes to kitchen remodeling companies in Cupertino and many of the surrounding communities. Whether you need kitchen renovation in Santa Clara, California, or elsewhere in the area, there’s no better choice.

We bring the right level of expertise as well as all the certifications and licenses to let you know you’ve made the right decision. Our team has the experience and professionalism needed to ensure the best overall results for your project.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions for Kitchen Remodels


Do You Need a Permit to Remodel a Kitchen?

Many home renovation projects in the Bay Area require permits. Before remodeling your kitchen, we ensure that any required permits are secured.

Is a Kitchen Remodel Tax Deductible?

If you are considering placing your home for sale, then a kitchen remodeling project may be tax deductible if it increases your home’s value.

How to Check if a Contractor is Licensed and Insured?

Most contractors display their license numbers on their business cards, website, and ads. Wise Builders is licensed and insured by the California Contractors State License Board.

Do I Need to Have Kitchen Design Ideas in Mind Before I Contact Wise Builders?

You do not need specific kitchen designs in mind. Our team is ready to provide you with design ideas or work with whatever ideas you may have for your kitchen remodel.

What Regions Does Wise Builders Serve for Kitchen Remodeling?

We proudly serve the different cities and communities across the Bay Area. Check our list of locations we proudly serve or call us for more information about home services in your area.

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