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Exterior and Interior Home Remodeling

Exterior and Interior Home Remodeling


Home Exterior Remodeling

Home improvement projects can help you increase the attractiveness of your home, but they can also be functional, boosting your home security, and provide you and your family with greater peace.

Landscaping Upgrades

The fact that you do not want to create a hiding spot for intruder does not mean you cannot have a pleasant and decorative landscape. Instead, be smart with about what you choose. If you indeed plan ahead, you can use your landscape to avoid crime; this strategy is called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Here are some ways to use this tactic to protect your home safely while making the exterior and interior more attractive.

1. Trim the Bushes

Overgrown bushes that are too big are not just ugly, they also serve as an open call for thieves. According to a research conducted on the burglary tactics from King 5 News, thieves love homes with large trees, shrubs or bushes around the house. Intruders like to hit homes where they have hiding places, and the bush gives them an ideal hiding place for sniping traffic flows from the other side or near neighbors.

2. Cut Down Trees

Trees are another possible place to hide for intruders. Worse, however, is that it can also serve as an entry place for burglars to get access to your home, climbing the tree to access the second-story window. It may also be overgrown with weed, which is not always attractive as the counter piece of your yard. Cut the tree branches yourself or hire a specialist to cut it completely if needed.

3. Direct “Traffic”
Exterior and Interior Home Renovation

Instead of having your car parked anywhere the driver decides to land, which can look crowded to the outside eye, head this “traffic” to a more organized home. The balance recommends the use of curb and landscaping to direct the movement of cars and pedestrians into a controlled and visible area. This gives you an advantage and takes control away from the intruder.

Physical Home Upgrades

There are small changes you can make in your home to increase security and improve the look of an old home. From elegant door locks to improved lighting, consider these ideas.

1. Upgrade Your Door

Your front entry door is one of the most popular entry points for a possible thief, not to mention that the door is one of the first things someone notices about your home. Thirty-four percent of thief enters the house through the front door. Upgrading to a modern model can increase aesthetics and safety. However, if you are not ready to replace the door of your home completely, which could cost more than $500 according to Fixr then replace your locks.

2. Go digital

A smart lock is another aesthetic option, especially for stylish looking modern homes and finishes. It is also a good choice if you have forgetful family members who often leave their doors open or lose keys. Some locks have a keypad that requires a code to gain entry. You can also get digital locks that automatically lock, and most smart locks provide remote access so you can lock or unlock the door with your smartphone.

3. Replace Your Window Locks

If your front door is the most common entry point, the windows on your first floor are very close to that option as well. Twenty-three percent of the thieves have access to the home through the window on the first floor. Replace existing window locks with window deadbolts or exterior window locks. Better, replace these old windows with a newer, more attractive and safer option. When it comes to home security and aesthetics, there are several simple ways to add more protection to your home while simultaneously increasing the overall interior and exterior look. Select items in this list that make the most sense to your home and neighborhood and get to work.

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