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Learn About Unwanted Texture Walls and How to Get Rid of Them

Learn About Unwanted Texture Walls and How to Get Rid of Them
Unwanted Wall Textures

In the seventies, almost every homeowner wanted textured walls. It was considered cost-effective because it concealed imperfections in the wall. In addition to this, textured walls seemed more fascinating at the time and the ‘textured wall enthusiasts” claimed that it added character to the wall.

How are Textured Walls Achieved?

There are several ways to texture walls. 2 commonly adopted methods are described below.

Drywall Mud

A drywall mud can easily be purchased in most home improvement stores and you can attempt doing it yourself. Even if there’s a mistake while applying it, you can easily wipe it away and start over.

Sand-Textured or Popcorn-Textured Paint

There are several popular paint brands making paint in these textures nowadays. The first step is to purchase the paint. After this, go on to apply it directly to the wall using a paint roller. While some folks believe that textured walls are the real deal, others are firmly against this position. Textured walls are considered hideous and not pleasant to behold. Hence, it is imperative to provide a means of eliminating textured walls.

How to Get Rid of Textured Walls

The first thing you need to do is to gather the required tools for the job. A floor scraper, safety goggles, sandpaper, wallboard knife, and a joint compound are some of the tools to have handy. Using a spray bottle, spray the surface area with warm water. This is to prepare the wall and make scraping easy. Now, with the scraper, begin scraping a particular surface, taking note of the pressure needed and the angle at which you’re holding it. Finish scraping the entire area and then move on to the next stage. Now, you can begin to gently sand the wall using sandpaper. It should, however, be done with caution so as to avoid damaging the drywall. Ensure that the area is smoothened. After this, get a damp cloth and use it to remove any form of dirt or debris. Now, you can apply the primer to the wall. Be generous in the application of the primer and then wait for it to dry completely. Once this is done, the drywall compound can be applied to the wall using a wallboard knife. Make sure you feather the edges and then let the first coat dry. Ideally, this should be for 24 hours. Again, apply sandpaper on the uneven areas and then apply a second layer of the joint compound the same way you did it earlier. Repeat it until you’re satisfied with the level of smoothness you get. Make sure that adequate ventilation is provided for the next 24 hours so that the wall can become dry. Now, you can proceed to apply primer and paint the wall however you wish. Don’t forget to clean your tools immediately you finish.

Popcorn Ceiling Texture

Alternative Method – Covering the Walls with Another Material

If you’re not a fan of the process above, you can consider wood paneling. In recent times, we’ve seen a number of companies doing wall surfaces with stunning wood designs. It is also possible to install corrugated metal sheets to give it that stunning industrial look. However, in doing this, you will need to consider the baseboards as protrusion is likely to occur. If there’s a baseboard, it might be better to remove it altogether or to add some stock wood behind the wall.


Eventually, it boils down to what your definition of aesthetics is. Whether you want to go retro and rock the textured walls or you’re all for ultra-smooth surfaces, the choice is yours.

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