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Ultimate Guide to Paint Finishes

Ultimate Guide to Paint Finishes

Ultimate Guide to Paint Finishes

A finish, as the name implies, is both a noun and a verb. It is safe to say that your building is not finished until you use the appropriate paint finish. What are the different paint finishes available for both the interior and exterior parts of your building? Let’s find out.

Interior Paint Colors

What Defines a Good Finish?

In paint terms, a finish is that look your paint gives your building after it has been applied. This finish becomes more pronounced after the paint dries and only then can we ascertain whether it is a shiny, smooth, or a muted finish. Don’t worry, it’ll get clearer as we get into the different types of styles.

Interior Paint Finishes

The interior of your home; the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and every other type of room require different types of paint finishes. Normally, you want something which dictates your style. Here are some to consider.

Flat Finish

It is called flat because it does not reflect light. This is ideal for more formal settings such as living rooms and dining rooms. It also helps you conceal some flaws in the walls, e.g. dents, nail holes, patches, etc. Apart from walls, a flat finish is preferred for ceilings since it is easier to use and it makes use of a lesser number of coats.


Eggshell is a perfect way to be bold and safe at the same time. What do you think of when you imagine an eggshell? Soft and fragile, right? That’s the look you give your building when you paint it with an eggshell finish. It is low-glow, however, it more reflective, compared to the flat finish. If you are concerned about maintenance, an eggshell finish will not prove difficult. Also, it is very durable.

Water-Based Enamel

It is highly recommended for kitchens and bathroom walls. It is also well-suited for cabinets, woodwork, and other furniture. Why is it so? It is extremely easy to touch and it is known to be durable. You can also scrub and clean at your own convenience.

Exterior Paint Finish

You need a paint finish which is durable, rugged, and equally elegant. Here are some exterior finishes available.

Satin Finish

This is the most commonly used finish among several homeowners. Its sheen is just perfect for walls. They can be used for both exterior and interior surfaces and are recommended for rooms which experience high traffic. 

Paint Finishes

Its bright, shiny appearance, when combined with light colors provides you with a more amiable ambiance. If your wall or ceiling has a lot of patches you want to hide, you might want to stay away from this finish.


This paint finish is touted as the most reflective. You can use it on doors, cabinets, window casings, and other similar surfaces. It can be incredibly easy to clean and can make surfaces appear more durable, however, you should minimize the usage in your home. Imagine a building where every part looks glossy and reflective. Not only will it look unnatural, the little dents will be overly-amplified.


The finish you choose should ultimately depend on your budget, the preference, whether or not you have children, etc. A trusted professional will be required to help you properly plan and select the finish which will perfect your home.

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